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Andy and Lisa get Married

Andy and Lisa get Married

Andy and Lisa have known each other for over 20 years. After both their previous marriages dissolved they met again in a busy local pub (which they now supply with Kerosene and gas bottles) and it was love at first sight. At the time Andy worked away from home and Lisa had a job working for a mortgage adviser. They got engaged and Andy decided he did not want to work away from the family any longer and said he was interested in setting up a fuel company in Chipping Sodbury. With the full backing of Lisa the new venture developed with Mark Nolan of Nolan Oils. Andy and Lisa worked hard together in the following years to grow Sodbury Fuels and Andy said he would marry Lisa when they purchased a 4th lorry. Before going to the FPS show this year Andy and Lisa decided it was time they booked a date so while Andy was at the FPS in April he set Lisa the challenge of booking the date as soon as possible. The wedding was booked and took place on Saturday 3rd September 2016 when Andy and Lisa became Mr & Mrs Welch and became one family with their 3 boys. Andy and his sons arrived at the wedding in a lorry and a tanker and of course the wedding cake was a tanker.

Andy and Lisa are continuing to grow Sodbury Fuels and have a great team working with them.

Wedding CakeAndy and Mark