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You may place your order with Sodbury Fuels in various ways.
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Orders can be made on line using our on-line order form.

By phone: 01454 315050

Sodbury Fuels offer guaranteed next day delivery for our regular customers or same day if you should call before 12 noon and have run out of oil! Excluding weekends and subject to stock availability, upon request.

In Person

You will be made very welcome if you take the time to visit our office in person.

Don't Run Out! Use Our Top Up Service

We offer a top up service, this helps to plan your fuel use so you should never run out of oil. We can formulate a plan with you to suit your needs, based on monthly usage and calculate a monthly amount to pay and top up schedule.

You can settle your bill each time, or pay a regular amount via standing order. We would ask that you settle your first bill with us, and then monthly payments go towards your subsequent deliveries.

All part of our service - we look after our customers.

On Account

You may apply for a Sodbury Fuels OilPlan account. We offer a choice of standard trade accounts and monthly standing order budget payment plans. » Click here for details.

Tanker Sizes & Weight

Please find below the size and weight of our small tankers.

Before ordering please make sure that you are able to accommodate our tanker.

  • Oil tanker dimensions: 7.5meters x 2.6m Small Vehicle
  • Oil tanker maximum hose length: 50 meters

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Please note, if you do not yet have an account with Sodbury Fuels, payment is due by credit/debit card or cleared funds prior to delivery.